Work with Children and Young People

Newly Refurbished DAY CENTRE FOR HIRE - for workshops/meetings/etc
15 Buchanan Street, Edinburgh
Contact PDP for more details - 0131 553 2559

New members are welcome and should reserve a place by contacting Claire O'Brien at 553 2559 or moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy#moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy
Also, if you would like to volunteer with the youth groups please give Claire a call

Pilmeny Development Project runs three groups that work with children and young people:

Club Name: PDP Junior Club
For: Children aged 7-11 years (P3 - P7)
When: Every Tuesday night, 6:30 pm to 8:00
Contact: Claire O'Brien on 0131 553 2559
Email: moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy#moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy

Club Name: PDP Senior Club
For: Those in S1 to S2 (11 - 13 years)
When: Every Wednesday night, 7.00 pm to 8:30
Contact: Claire O'Brien on 0131 553 2559
Email: moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy#moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy

Club Name:LOSP
For.** (S3) 13+years
When:Every Monday night, 7.00pm - 8.30pm
Contact:** Claire O'Brien on 0131 553 2559
Email: moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy#moc.tcennoctb|sbulchtuoy


Read Report and Evaluation on 6 week Pilot Project for After School Club held at Leith Walk Primary School Feb - March 2010 Visit the reports Section of Webiste

Pilmeny Development Project runs a range of clubs and groups for children and young people aged 7 - 16 years. The programmes which operate aim to offer a combination of play, activities and opportunites designed to encourage children and young people to develop their skills and confidence in a safe and supportive environment. We promote work with children from a range of backgrounds and with a range of needs.

For children in P1 to P3

The Pilmeny Youth Centre (a separate organisation) runs an after school club for those in P1 to P3. This club meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 345 to 445 pm and entry is free. A football-specific skills session in partnership with Redpath Albion/Pilmeny Sports Club is held every Friday from 6.30pm – 7.3pm at Pilmeny Youth Centre. The cost is £1 per session.

To ask about a place at these clubs, please contact ku.oc.enozeerf|ertnecynemliP#ku.oc.enozeerf|ertnecynemliP, or call Bryan Maughan at the Pilmeny Youth Centre @ 0131 554 0953


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