Meet the Board

Pilmeny Development Project Management Committee 2022/23

Chairperson:Phil Attridge
Vice Chair: Sophie Marshall
Secretary: Joan MacLellan
Treasurer: Walter Dods (up to November 2022)
Treasurer: Bruce Heil (from January 2023)
Ex officio: Councillor Jack Caldwell, Councillor James Dalgleish, Councillor Amy McNeese-Mechan, Councillor Susan Rae

Staff Members

Anne Munro: Project Manager and Community Worker - Older People
Gita Filipova: Part-time Administrator
Nada Hudson: Part-time Bookkeeper
Nicola Hutinson: Part time - Children and Young People
Margaretann Farquharson: Part-time Older People community worker and NEECAG Portobello Project Worker
Mary O'Connell: Part-time Older People community worker, NEECAG Leith Project Worker and Leith Timebank Project worker

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