Meet the Board

Pilmeny Development Project Management Committee

For the period 2015-2016

Chairperson:Phil Attridge
Vice Chair: Sophie Marshall
Secretary: Joan Mclellan
Treasurer: Walter Dods
Committee Members:Bruce Heil, Cllr Amy Mcneese - Mechan, Cllr Marion Donaldson, Cllr Lewis Ritchie, Cllr Susan Rae

Advisors to the Committee

(City of Edinburgh Council's Director of Children and Families Dept Representative)
(City of Edinburgh Councill's Director of Health and Social Care Dept Representative)

Staff Members

Anne Munro: Project Manager and Community Worker - Older People
Gita Filipova: Part-time Administrator
Nada : Part-time Bookkeeper

Nicola Huttinson: Part time - Children and Young People
Margaretann Farquharson: Part-time Older People community worker and NEECAG Portobello Project Worker
Mary O'Connell: Part-time Older People community worker, NEECAG Leith Project Worker and Leith Timebank Project worker

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