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PILMENY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT has successfully achieved recognition from Investing In Volunteers for our excellent work with volunteers - this is something awarded to organisations who have clearly demonstrated a high quality standard of support and work with volunteers (read more about Investing in volunteers at )

If you would like to volunteer with us please give us a ring - we would love to hear from you
Click here for Pilmeny Volunteering Opportunities leaflet
Click here for Volunteer Application Form

Leith Stories - Collaborative workshops

As part of Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022

Leith is changing and we want to document it. By collecting stories from Leithers through a series of collaborative workshops you can help us create a contemporary audio archive about Leith then and now, to share with future generations of Leithers & visitors. Come and share your Leith story with us!

Date - 6th June 2022

In June this year Leith for Ever will be hosting workshops with people in Leith to record their personal memories of living, working, or visiting Leith. These collected stories will be recorded and shared as audio clips on our website or other digital media. We aim to make this archive something that anyone can add their story to, so that it becomes a growing, accessible audio record of Leith and its people over time.
Leith for Ever is working with experienced Storyteller Maria McDonnell, to create Leith Stories Collaborative Workshops - a friendly and informal workshop series, where people can comfortably share their experiences with others. These workshops will take place throughout the month of June, some in collaboration with local organisations, and others open to all, allowing anyone who wants to share their stories to contribute to this contemporary oral history project. These workshops have been supported by the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund. This fund is being delivered in partnership between VisitScotland and Museums Galleries Scotland with support from National Lottery Heritage Fund thanks to National Lottery players.

Two free public workshops will be held as part of Leith Festival (see details below), and several other workshops are being held with local groups including Citadel Youth Centre, Sikh Sanjog, Edinburgh Hindu Mandir and Cultural Centre. The dates of the public workshops are the following:

Date: 15th June, Time: 6pm Location: Leith Community Centre

Date:18th June, Time: 2pm Location: Leith Dockers Club

Barbara, Community producer on the project said “We are really excited to be starting this contemporary archive, and hope it will continue to grow in the months and years ahead, becoming a treasure trove of audio memories for future generations and visitors to dive into. We hope also that it will lead them to explore other fantastic local archives like those produced by The Living Memory Association, Living Leith, and others.”
Participants are asked to bring an object or image they feel connects them to Leith to the workshop. These will be used to start discussions, but we will also have a range of objects available on the day. We would like to thank The Living Memory Association for the kind loan of their objects. You can find out more about their work by visiting

Leith has a diverse and proud heritage. As a port town it has welcomed people from all over the world to our shores for over 800 years. It has been through times of prosperity and hardship, but the spirit and sense of community has always shone through. During these workshops we want to hear about the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. It is about sharing the everyday lives of people connected to Leith. Ordinary people doing ordinary things - reflecting on life as it was and is for real people, in their own voices – like those below.
'I remember that cases (cardboard) of whisky used to be exported via Leith to far off countries no doubt. Stealing bottles would not be an option as open cartons was a tad obvious, so dockers used to drop the cases ‘accidentally’ and then hold a cup at the bottom corner and wait till the whisky worked its way through. The cartons were then sent on their way looking untouched.'

'I remember we used to drink in the Pond. they had a big fish tank at the back of the room and they would hold BBQ's out the back sometimes. My friend who lived near there moved away though and we stopped going. It closed during lockdown and new people took over and renamed it The Bullfinch. I'll need to pop by one day and check it out.'

'When I was about 12-13 the Ferry Road path didn't exist. I grew up near trinity, and we used to go down to this green marshy jungle and pretend it was Dagobah from Star Wars. That would have been in the late 80's. Now I use it to get to work.'
Marie Christie, Head of Development at VisitScotland said: "We are delighted to be supporting Leith Stories Collaborative Workshops through the Year of Stories 2022 Community Stories Fund. Events play an important role in our communities as they sustain livelihoods and help to celebrate and promote our unique places, spaces and stories. Themed Years are all about collaboration and Museums Galleries Scotland, National Lottery Heritage Fund and VisitScotland are pleased to work in partnership to create this fund to showcase community stories. By supporting events taking place within our communities, including Leith Stories, new opportunities with be provided for locals and visitors to come together and find out more about the diverse stories, past and present, that our communities have to share.”
More information about the project and how to book your place can be found on our website

Newly refurbished CENTRE FOR HIRE

- for workshops/meetings/etc at 15 Buchanan Street, Edinburgh - Contact PDP for more details - 0131 553 2559




Pilmeny Development Project (PDP) has been operating in the Lorne Area of Leith since 1979. It is managed by local residents and is funded by the City of Edinburgh Council and through its own fundraising efforts. It employs two community workers, a part time administrator and a part-time bookkeeper. In addition, PDP employs a part-time worker for the North East Edinburgh Older Men's Health and Well-being Project (funded by Health Scotland until October 2006) and provides office accommodation for a North East Edinburgh Ageing Well Project part-time support assistant.

The overall aim of the Pilmeny Development Project is to support local residents and groups and to encourage appropriate self-help initiatives towards the identification and resolution of their problems. This means we work with local people to identify and deliver actions which contribute to sustainable development of both individual and groups in this part of Edinburgh to improve their quality of life.

In our work with older people and carers we seek to encourage their active engagement with a wider range of Community Planning, Health and Community Care service providers to ensure quality 'Joint Future' and joined up arrangements are in place for older people in NE Edinburgh.

Our work with adults seeks to encourage their ability to meet their own needs and to participate in all aspects of community life.

The overall aims of the Pilmeny Development Project are:

To support local residents and groups and to encourage appropriate self-help initiatives towards the identification and resolution of their problems.

(a) Children and Young People - overall aim is:

To improve the range and provision of services with children and young people which enables them to meet their social, educational and recreational needs and to develop their capabilities.

(b) Older people - overall aim is:

To improve the range and provision of services with the older people which maintains and improves the quality of their lives and enables them to remain independent and active for as long as possible.

(c) Adults - the overall aim is:

To improve the range and provision of services which enables them to meet their social, educational and recreational needs and improves the quality of their lives.

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